GOOGLE ADS Google Ads Campaigns

When a user searches in search engines, an auction runs between all the advertisers bidding for the corresponding keyword. The winning ads are then displayed based on their resultant ad rank.

Advertise your business effectively with Google Ads. We help your business appear in user searches on the internet, regardless of your budget. Every action we take is a result of detailed research and consideration of your goals.

First, we make a detailed plan based on statistic data, suggesting advertising text, targeted keywords, estimated budget and estimated result.. After you approve the plan, we create the Google Ads campaigns and monitor them regularly to make the necessary changes, if there is the need to.

Our goal is to attract the right user and direct him to the desired action.

By following these specific steps, you will increase your eshop sales and attract more visitors to your website.

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  • • Google Ads account set up
  • • Goal settings
  • • Competition research
  • • Detailed advertising plan creation
  • • Google Ads campaign set up
  • • Google Ads Campaign Monitoring
  • • Monthly statistics reports
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